Rejection Is Easy

They say, “no news is good news,” but I don’t believe that’s true when it comes to writers and submissions. When a writer submits their work, they’re almost always informed that “because of the number of submissions...
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An Open Letter To Lucifer

You have many names – none of them pleasant. Each slides off the tongue like turpentine that’s been accidently swallowed. Poison. You sneak into my thoughts at night, disrupting sleep I desperately need. You toy with my memories of a past I can’t...
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Depression Needs No Explanation

I noticed a fly away, so I wet my fingertips with a tear and slicked it down, wondering briefly if the salt from the tear would damage my hair the way ocean water does. I stared in the mirror at my red-brimmed eyes. How many tears had I cried the past...
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Lest I Pout

I told you the point of this website is for you to be a part of the journey — a journey that is long, twisted, difficult, exciting, terrifying and honest. “Nothing worth having is easy.” How often have we heard that? It’s a tricky...
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Unlocking Terrebonne Parish’s Pages

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, and the use of “a while” is an understatement, I know, so let me update you thus far. Terrebonne Parish is finished. I say that with no level of excitement because I know I’ll continually...
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A Letter to my Readers. It’s Yoba Time!

Dear Readers, It’s official. I am currently holding the first copy of “Yoba’s Bedtime” in my hands. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and what a gift to be thankful for — the publication of my first children’s...
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Final Edits?

This one came with tabs. Beautiful purple ink, typed notes and blue tabs. Can you believe it? That’s how good she is; that editor of mine. (Or not mine, as we’ve already established.) She came to my house on August 23. We did lunch. That’s...
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Terrebonne Parish Excerpt

As promised, here it is — typos, first draft and all — an excerpt from Terrebonne Parish. *WARNING* There is some sexually explicit content in this excerpt. It’s not my typical writing style, trust me; but when I was writing this part...
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West Virginia — Land That I Love

On June 23, 2016 water began rising all over parts of West Virginia. Those who lived in the areas took pictures and video, sharing with friends and family the power of nature — oblivious to any danger until it was too late. I’ve heard criticism...
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The Right People, Not The Most

Disclosure: This post has NO PICTURES. Everyone loves pictures, and every piece of advice about blogging says I should use pictures/visual aids to hold readers’ interest. But this post has none; it’s just pure, honest writing, so if that deters...
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