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A Letter to my Readers. It’s Yoba Time!


Dear Readers,

It’s official. I am currently holding the first copy of “Yoba’s Bedtime” in my hands. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and what a gift to be thankful for — the publication of my first children’s book!

The illustrator, Joshua Baker, and I have done a great job keeping the illustrations a secret; and there’s a reason for that: The illustrations are full of learning opportunities! It’s the first book of its kind that will grow with your child . . . or, err, eh-hem, they’ll grow with it.

Before it’s an educational tool, it’s simply a sweet, heart-felt bedtime story that is relatable to any parent/guardian who’s ever tried to get a child settled into bed for the night.

But later, as you feel your child is developmentally ready, you can begin sharing fun facts about secrets found in “Yoba’s Bedtime.” There are more than 17 learning opportunities relating to math, science and nature, colors, counting, and more hidden inside the book’s pages.

Let me give you a couple of snapshots so you can see what I’m talking about.

For the younger kids, there are simple learning opportunities, like the books on Yoba’s bookshelf.


Point them out to your child. Ask them what colors they are. What letters are on the books? Are they uppercase or lowercase?

For older children, notice the clock on the wall.


Point out to your child how the big hand keeps moving from picture to picture. Discuss the big hand and the little hand, and how much time passes.

Want to learn about the jungle? This page has TONS of learning fun crammed in!!


There is a “Fun on the Pages” section in the very back of the book that will guide you through the many secrets in the book. And hey, maybe you and your child(ren) will find fun in the pages we missed!

This book was loads of fun creating, and I have no doubt you’ll have as much fun teaching your child with “Yoba’s Bedtime” as they will reading the words and looking at the pictures. The uses for this book are endless!!

“Yoba’s Bedtime” was made with kiddos in mind. It’s  9″ X  7″ landscape format is just the right size for tiny hands and laps. It’s extra shiny cover and slick pages make it easy for parents to gently wipe the pages free of food, germs and, you know, boogers!

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll have a chance to really put its durability to the test when I make stops at libraries, childcare centers and headstarts across West Virginia, reading to kids and introducing new ways to morph a child’s love of reading into a love of learning.

I am truly blessed! There is nothing I would rather be doing with my life, and I am grateful to you and God for allowing me to share my dreams and imagination with the world!

My hope is that Joshua and I will bring you at least two more follow-up books in this series, but that will be up to you. The books are already mapped out and titled, but we need you to buy as many copies of “Yoba’s Bedtime” as you can — as many as you think you can get into the hands of children — so the publisher will request the other two books for publication.

“Yoba’s Bedtime” will be available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon in the coming weeks, but you can get your copy early by clicking here.

Thank you again for being a part of this journey . . .

With all my love ALWAYS,


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  1. Florence Sargent

    Thank you so much for sharing with our children at the Concord University Child Development Center. It was a pleasure to see the love and excitement you bring to life in your book “Yoba’s Bedtime”. We look forward to many more adventures. Once again thank you!!!!!

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