A Brief Introduction

One day, when I was very young, I learned two letters side by side form a word, and two or more words together form a sentence. Ever since that day, I have been fascinated by the stories I could tell just by following those simple steps. Then, as I got older, I learned there are grammar rules people are expected to follow, so I learned those rules as well and was again fascinated by the writing process.

With the brush of a pen stroke, we traveled together to the edge of a universe that never existed before my pen dripped to tell of it.

Now, as I begin to share years of accumulated writings with the world, I think it’s important for you to know the best rule — the rule that matters most — is there are no rules … not really. And while elementary grammar provided a foundation for writing, it was the “there are no rules” rule that allowed me to write so readers could follow me into my worlds. With the brush of a pen stroke,we traveled together to the edge of a universe that never existed before my pen dripped to tell of it. With another stroke, we flew on a tumultuous plane ride, nearly crashing, before landing gracefully in a yellow field.

Some would say I am an accomplished writer: I have been a journalist, a news reporter, a speech writer … but it’s the imaginative side of every writer that longs to escape, and until I set her free I have not accomplished anything except to hold back what was created to power forward; and that is nothing to be proud of.

My greatest fear is (and has always been) that I leave this Earth having used the one gift I was born with to do everything but the right thing. So, here’s to the start of a grand adventure — a journey, if you will.

If you have a dream, you chase it.

For my part, I’ll begin it with the same advice for you I gave myself not long ago: If you have a dream, you chase it. You chase it with every muscle in your body and with every breath you have in you. It doesn’t matter if your dream comes true in the capacity you hoped — that you chased it is what matters. Because if you were chasing it while you were living, then you were, in fact, living.


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