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An Angel Whispered

An angel whispered to me today. I was putting away some Christmas ornaments and I heard her loud and clear, as clear as any whisper could be. Her face. . . so solemn, so serious.

Angel Correct Size (2)

She said, “Stop.”

Stop procrastinating your dreams away. Stop finding mundane things to do to avoid the work it takes to help your dreams come true. Stop watching the telly, stop showering social media with your presence.

Then she whispered, “Start.”

Start now. Start putting in the work. Start the changes that need made to direct you to your destiny. Start turning off the telly, start disconnecting the internet.

An angel whispered to me today. It was the loudest whisper I have ever heard.



  1. Lori Flis

    LOVE this

  2. Sherrie

    Some people don’t know the significance of angels. How they guide and lead us! You definitely know how to present the instruction of this sweet angel on initiating our dreams. Very nice. Love it!

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