Terrebonne Parish Excerpt

As promised, here it is — typos, first draft and all — an excerpt from Terrebonne Parish. For those who haven’t followed my blog, read any of my poetry or spoke with me one-on-one, you’ll not understand from this chapter that Terrebonne...
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West Virginia — Land That I Love

On June 23, 2016 water began rising all over parts of West Virginia. Those who lived in the areas took pictures and video, sharing with friends and family the power of nature — oblivious to any danger until it was too late. I’ve heard criticism...
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The Right People, Not The Most

Disclosure: This post has NO PICTURES. Everyone loves pictures, and every piece of advice about blogging says I should use pictures/visual aids to hold readers’ interest. But this post has none; it’s just pure, honest writing, so if that deters...
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Thirsty For Knowledge

  This post is specifically for anyone interested in the submission process when it comes to having literary work published. Likely, many writers will want to read this. However, and perhaps just as likely, the entire world may be curious about...
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Decision Time

I already forgot. How does that happen?? The entire purpose of this Web page and blog is to bring you along on the journey, and while I feel I’m keeping you informed, I haven’t much asked your opinion. I’ll give myself a little slack...
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I Didn’t Write It, But Thank You

I know the polite thing to say when someone pays me a compliment about my writing is “Thank you,” but I always find myself going into a lengthy explanation as to why the poem, song or story got written and what inspired me. I should just say “Thank...
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Meet Yoba . . . and Joshua

We all have stories inside us. Sometimes, they’re buried deep down and they never escape our lips; but other times, they bubble out in moments we never expect will result in a storybook. Such is the case of Yoba — a story about a little boy who’s...
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My Editor, My Love

This being Valentine’s Day, I’d like to explain a relationship many people don’t understand – the relationship between an author and an editor. So . . . I thought I’d share a few snapshots of my editor’s notes on our big project, Terrebonne...
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The Vortex

There’s a vortex that writers go in when they write. Other writers won’t tell you that. They’ll say they are “in the zone” or meditating. But it’s a vortex. There’s a quietness all around us and the more we write, the deeper we go . . ....
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An Angel Whispered

An angel whispered to me today. I was putting away some Christmas ornaments and I heard her loud and clear, as clear as any whisper could be. Her face. . . so solemn, so serious. She said, “Stop.” Stop procrastinating your dreams away. Stop...
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