Rejection Is Easy

They say, “no news is good news,” but I don’t believe that’s true when it comes to writers and submissions. When a writer submits their work, they’re almost always informed that “because of the number of submissions...
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Unlocking Terrebonne Parish’s Pages

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, and the use of “a while” is an understatement, I know, so let me update you thus far. Terrebonne Parish is finished. I say that with no level of excitement because I know I’ll continually...
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A Letter to my Readers. It’s Yoba Time!

Dear Readers, It’s official. I am currently holding the first copy of “Yoba’s Bedtime” in my hands. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and what a gift to be thankful for — the publication of my first children’s...
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Meet Yoba . . . and Joshua

We all have stories inside us. Sometimes, they’re buried deep down and they never escape our lips; but other times, they bubble out in moments we never expect will result in a storybook. Such is the case of Yoba — a story about a little boy who’s...
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What To Publish First

A decision needs to be made. As I work on my book (slowly but surely) I begin to seriously think about the year ahead of me. I have made major changes that will allow me to write full time for the next 12-18 months: finish the book, search for a literary...
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Terrebonne Parish: A Work In Progress

The book trailer debuting on our home page is a prelude to the book, Terrebonne Parish, which will one day be in the hands of readers. Terrebonne Parish is what triggered this Web page and all the things that follow. How Terrebonne Parish finds...
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