The Angry Christian

I asked my web designer to change my page to “The Angry Christian.” She, of course, declined. That was months ago, and today, I’m still pondering the idea—not because I’m angry all the time but because I do get angry. I mean, don’t we all?...
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My goal has always been to reach people. It seems a simple goal, yet has proven difficult. Part of that — most of that — is my fault. I keep letting other things distract me from getting Terrebonne Parish on bookshelves and in virtual shopping...
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An Open Letter To Lucifer

You have many names – none of them pleasant. Each slides off the tongue like turpentine that’s been accidently swallowed. Poison. You sneak into my thoughts at night, disrupting sleep I desperately need. You toy with my memories of a past I can’t...
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Decision Time

I already forgot. How does that happen?? The entire purpose of this Web page and blog is to bring you along on the journey, and while I feel I’m keeping you informed, I haven’t much asked your opinion. I’ll give myself a little slack...
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I Didn’t Write It, But Thank You

I know the polite thing to say when someone pays me a compliment about my writing is “Thank you,” but I always find myself going into a lengthy explanation as to why the poem, song or story got written and what inspired me. I should just say “Thank...
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