Terrebonne Parish



My goal has always been to reach people. It seems a simple goal, yet has proven difficult. Part of that — most of that — is my fault. I keep letting other things distract me from getting Terrebonne Parish on bookshelves and in virtual shopping venues. I think it may never be “finished.” I sat with Grams last night again and sipped tea on the front porch. I still love that it’s just the two of us, but I know those moments are meant to be shared. I keep telling myself God will deliver the book in His time. That’s true, but it’s also just an excuse.

In the meantime, I have been asked to be part of an exciting new endeavor. I hesitate to say too much at this time; but in short, it is a way for writers of all sorts to raise money for various needs. Percentages of book sales will be donated. Events (such as poetry slams and reads) will be held to raise money for areas and people of need. Bands will come on board. Live auctions. It will be an exciting step in my life . . . and a way to accomplish that goal I told you of — the one of reaching people.

I’ll share more as the concept develops. In the meantime, keep on your journey, my friend.

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