Terrebonne Parish



Did you miss me? I’ve missed myself. I got sidewinded. Distracted. Confused. Lost.

But I’m here now. I can’t say I’ve found my way. How many of us can, really? But I’m back at it–tweaking Terrebonne Parish, which never seems tweaked enough; and writing again. I hesitate to share this, but my absence can’t go unnoticed if anyone follows this page, so it must be explained. And besides, many writers get lost like me. I think it’s good for them to know they’re not alone. None of us are–not the artists, poets, dreamers . . . anyone who has a goal they have not yet achieved. We all wonder what’s taking us so long to fulfill our destinies. We all wonder how much longer we’ll let other things get in the way of chasing our dreams. I still wonder that.

So, no promises. I just know that from this day forward I will continue to be what God intended me to be. He’ll direct the path to get me where He wants me. After all, it’s His journey; I’m just traveling it.

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