A Silent Prayer

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A Silent Prayer

By Avlen L’rae

I was too tired to pray

so I asked God to hear my heart.

I was too hurt . . . too worked . . . too weak

. . . too speechless to know how to start.

So quietly I sat in the dark,

quietly I thought all my thoughts,

quietly I feared all my fears

and all the anguish those fears brought.


I felt Him right there with me

— whispering, comforting, calm —

He did not give me answers;

I still don’t know right from wrong.

He didn’t give me direction

or tell me I’d be okay;

He didn’t say He loved me,

but I felt what He didn’t say.


I opened my eyes from praying

. . . still lost as lost was before

. . . still unsure of a path to travel,

but not worried anymore.


My problems still before me.

My tasks still hard to complete.

My mind still disillusioned.

But my heart calmed in its beats.

Nothing had changed around me

from the moment I opened my eyes;

the world

— unchanged . . . unmoved —

but I was changed inside.


And that has made all the difference

— that moment between God and I —

when I was too tired to pray

but not too tired to cry.

For me, a lover of words,

the one thing I have learned:

It’s the ones who cannot find them

who God has already heard.






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  1. Lori

    What a beautiful description of prayer and the peace that it brings.

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