old woman praying


By Avlen L’rae

There’s this terror around here called Alzheimer.

It’s taking things away.

First, it took my name from her.

Then, it took yesterday.


She’s forgotten she was a dancer.

She’s forgotten she’s still a mom.

She’s forgotten she was a wife,

but she still remembers God.


She’s forgotten the National Anthem.

Her memory is grim.

She’s forgotten the songs she’s written,

but not the old church hymns.


She forgets to eat with a fork.

Her memory grows blank.

But she remembers to bow her head

and whisper a prayer of thanks.


How amazing all the things

Alzheimer has taken away.

Yet, it hasn’t taken God

or her ability to pray.


An interlude to heaven,

an insight of how things will be,

when earthly things are forgotten,

but the Lord will never be.









  1. Lori Flis


  2. Jane scott

    How awesome and true that God is there through out!

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