There were people who tried to steal my light away

There’s the steeple that tried to light my way

There’s a battle raging inside, and no matter which shield I lay down

I’m on the wrong side

Feel the dagger, you know it cuts both ways

Hear the horses; they won’t take me away

See the river that flows to God knows where

And wrong or right, too tired to fight, I lay down to die right there

And hear the angels calling “come home!”

Feel a warm hand, begging “don’t go”

See a future that I may never know

And I decide again, right there and then, to stay or let go

Stay or let go

I join the battle; I put my armor on for you

And it protects me more than I want it to

But the crown is winning, so all is not lost

Sometimes you trade what you want just to keep what you got

What you want for what you got

What you want for what you got

See the river, running red to God knows where

Hear the angels; they won’t drag me away

Feel the armor, feel the burden of its weight

And wrong or right, I look for the light, and live to fight another day

I know I’ll fight another day




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