By Avlen L’rae

I didn’t go to church today

for the fifth week in a row.

It was easier than the week before,

and not a soul did know —

not my preacher, nor his spouse;

not my brothers and sisters in Christ;

not my best friend in pew two;

they all have their own precious lives.

I sit here on Sundays some days,

quietly, just me and my God,

spending quality time together;

and sometimes, no time at all.

Like a boat coming to shore,

life has drown me and tossed me about,

and the shore line gets closer, then further away,

and I’m too beaten and weak to cry out.

Those tides will one day crest;

I’ll make shore, or get tossed further out,

as the church sits in the lighthouse,

and the lighthouse light burns out.




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