I Will Lend You a Child

I Will Lend You a Child

I Will Lend You a Child

by Avlen L’rae

Jesus said:
I will lend you a child
so you will have someone
to teach to and preach to and love;
someone who will be there for you
when each new day is done.

I will lend you a child
who may have your eyes,
your chin, or your smile;
that a part of you will live on
— if only for a while.

Someone to look up to you
and make a bad day good;
who can smile at you
and melt your heart
like no one ever could.

Remember as you hold your child
how very blessed you are;
know this child will cling to you
and not let you wonder far.

Hold your young one’s little hand
and bask in each breath you breathe;
for as your little one must,
you too must one day leave.

Remember as you love your child
that you are God’s child too;
as your child must come home,
someday so must you.

Of which of you I will take first
I will not hint nor say,
but never should you dwell on it,
nor worry ’til that day.

Take every moment
— first steps, first words —
and mark them in your mind.
Because you alone could not make a child,
I have lent you mine.


Avlen L'rae







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  2. Cynthia Ortiz

    This is just beautiful!!

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