Score One For Lucifer

Score One For Lucifer

By Avlen L’rae

Score one for Lucifer

Grandma’d say when I was a child.

She mumbled it under her breath sometimes.

She expressed it in a sigh.


And me, being oh so young;

me, being only a child,

knew not what she was talking about.

Knew not the creature’s wiles.


But time has taken its toll,

and the world has aged, as well.

And my grandma has gone to heaven,

while the world has gone to hell.


I watched it on the news

night after ghastly night.

I heard it on the sidewalks

in former neighbors’ fights.


Score one for Lucifer

I heard my own self say,

as the lost got further lost,

and the found refused to stay.


And the world I once thought great,

in the childish mind of mine,

has proven to be the serpent’s pit

full of love and lies.


I sat at my grandma’s grave

whispering, begging, of her,

“Can’t I join you in your bliss?”

Score one for Lucifer.





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