You Don’t Know Me

You Dont Know Me

You Don’t Know Me

By Avlen L’rae

You don’t know me,
but if you did . . .
you’d want to be with me:
to see my face, to share my space,
to set your lost soul free.

You don’t know me,
but if you did,
you’d see how great I am:
I’d be your friend, until the end,
side by side we’d stand.

You don’t know me,
but if you did,
you’d fall in love with me:
sharing dreams, escapades and schemes,
then hand in hand we’d flee.

You don’t know me.
We’ve never met.
Our day has not yet come.
Two separate souls, still all alone,
waiting to be one.


I see you watching
across the room,
a new face with eyes wide shut.
You walk my way, smile and say,
“You don’t know me, but . . . “




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  1. Sherrie

    This is a beautiful beginning of a wonderful love almost everyone dreams of.Very nicely written!

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