You Told Me So

You Told Me So

You Told Me So

by Avlen L’rae

I picked up the morning paper

from the doorstep today.

It was damp on the edges

from the early morning rain.

I remembered you last night

on my way through the house

and sipped a cup of coffee,

as I laid the paper down.


I didn’t have to look;

you told me it was there –

your name in big, black ink …

on a page I couldn’t bear.

In the obituary,

they told of your death;

three days ago it happened,

they went on to tell the rest.


That paper wrote the words

I’d already known;

You came into my room

last night and told me so.





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  1. jenny stone

    I really love this one! It made me feel an emotion I haven’t felt in years. I just automatically thought of my mom.

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