Terrebonne Parish:

A Synopsis

Thirty-one year old Karla is a fundraising coordinator whose life is full of phone calls, emails and conferences; but even her hectic life is not enough to distract from her sick heart. It has been two years since her loving and devoted husband, Mason, was taken from her by a force she has now refused to acknowledge; a force no army has ever defeated — God.

It is only her nine-year-old son Isaac who motivates her out of bed each day; and when the two discover a shared love of antiques, they finally begin the long-awaited healing process. The ambience and aromas of antique stores bring a certain serenity as they wander among items that lived long ago.

But God is not finished with Karla; and the antique store she has finally found solace in becomes the scene of her worst nightmare when, on a shopping trip in the middle of nowhere, Isaac disappears.

Having lost everything important to her, Karla wages war with God and sets out to get back what was taken … despite the odds.

In a world where nothing makes sense — including the fact that a world exists at all — Karla powers through.

But just as she finds what she’s looking for … another storm begins to brew.


  1. Bob Brown

    Site looks great..best of luck 🙂

  2. Genny Vance

    Can’t wait for the book. This is such a neat experience. My son, Jameson, plays Isaac in the trailer and I can’t wait for the full trailer.

  3. Michelle rose

    Looks great cant wait to see more and read the book

  4. Jacqui D.

    Cannot wait to read the book! So intriguing!

  5. Erin

    So exciting!

  6. Angela Hall

    Looks good ! Good luck!

  7. jennifer stone

    The book looks good 🙂

  8. Michelle Leonard

    Can’t wait to actually read the book!!

  9. Sherrie

    This made the hairs on my arm stand up,literally! My son is 10 and this story is based on a parents worst nightmare.I am on the edge of my seat and I cant hardly wait to a copy of your book!

  10. Janet

    Nicely written, kept me reading. Keep on going!

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