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What To Publish First

A decision needs to be made. As I work on my book (slowly but surely) I begin to seriously think about the year ahead of me. I have made major changes that will allow me to write full time for the next 12-18 months: finish the book, search for a literary agent and ultimately a publisher. Those are big goals in a short period of time.

Like most (probably all) writers, Terrebonne Parish is not the only thing I have written. I have a children’s book which pranced on the verge of publication before my disappointment with the process (and illustrations) brought the dance to a stand still. I have songs that echo in my head as if they’ve already been written and are just waiting for the right voice to carry them. And I have pages of poetry that have spilled out onto paper, napkins and tissues over the past four decades.

The question becomes this: Do I put all my time into completing Terrebonne Parish, or do I take advantage of this gift of free time to multitask my writing goals? Do I work on my book, but set short term goals of publishing something smaller — perhaps a book of poetry or a children’s book? Do I team up with another song artist and record demos?

YOU are part of the journey, so what do you think? Your thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated needed. Please reply below or email me at author@avlenlrae.com.

My love to you. Always.

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  1. Carol C

    I’ve read some of your poetry and songs and think you are talented in those areas. If publishing them before your novel lets us read more of your stuff early, then I say go for it!

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