It’s bedtime. But as Momma tries to get Yoba tucked into bed, Yoba uses every stall tactic he can think of to keep from having to go to sleep. Momma patiently reads Yoba his favorite bedtime stories and surrenders to each of Yoba’s bedtime requests; by the time Yoba’s eyes grow heavy with sleep, he’s imagined a world beyond his wildest dreams.


Yoba’s Bedtime will quickly become a favorite for your child. When your child is young, they’ll enjoy the simplicity of a great bedtime story; but as your child gets older and is able to start reading the book to you, you’ll find dozens of learning opportunities previously overlooked. The secrets within the pages of Yoba’s Bedtime will make children want to read it over and over again . . . and will surely be a favorite for years to come.

Yoba's Bedtime - Book Cover